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Protect boat parts from the marine environment

American Finishing Specialists, Inc. is a preferred service provider among boat builders and customizers and marine product manufacturers. If you're involved in any of these business endeavors, you could benefit from our services.


American Finishing Specialists, Inc. is respected for its anodic coatings and anodized aluminum, which can replace stainless steel parts.

The value of anodic coatings

Anodic coatings are known for corrosion resistance and hardness. They're essential for metal parts that need to endure the rigors of a marine environment, including high moisture / humidity, salt spray, fuel and petroleum products, chemicals, and lubricants.

Let's shield the sun's rays

Our anodized coatings will not chip or peel, and they defend metals against harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Even in direct sunlight, colors won't fade, so metal parts always look their best.

At American Finishing Specialists, Inc., we're dedicated to providing effective and environmentally responsible services at competitive prices. What else could you ask for?

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Save money with anodized aluminum

Anodized aluminum can be substituted for expensive stainless steel in certain marine applications. You will save money and enjoy lasting durability, lightweight frames, and the hardness and resistance properties that are exclusive to anodized products.

Are you tired of corroded boat parts? We have the perfect solution.

Our aluminum anodizing marine applications

•  Sulfuric anodizing

•  Hardcoat anodizing (hardcoating)

•  Clear coatings

•  Color anodizing

•  Custom anodizing

•  Close tolerance coating

•  Small parts tumbling

Some of the many uses for anodized aluminum on the seas

•  Boat pontoons

•  Sail pulleys

•  Porthole frames

•  Hatch and stairway trimming

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