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Want more durable and stable metal?

Would you like to convert metal surfaces into decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, or anodic oxide finishes? It's time to call the experts at American Finishing Specialists, Inc.

in Bridgeport.


Our special anodizing processes will increase the durability and stability of your aluminum or steel. The services are perfect for medical, automotive, electronics, construction, and other industry applications.

Passivation specialists

Passivation is the removal of iron or iron compounds from the surface of stainless steel. With this treatment, we can easily remove surface contamination without significantly affecting the stainless steel.

Iriditing masters

Do you need to ensure your metal is resistant to rust? Iriditing is a quick process that coats aluminum in a hard protective oxidized layer. With our expert services, you never need to worry about those ugly rust spots again.

You can be confident our small team of experienced pros will give you the personal services that you need and deserve.

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The benefits of our processes

•  Increase durability and color stability

•  Increase ease of maintenance

•  Aesthetically pleasing

•  Lower maintenance costs

•  Non-toxic

•  Heat resistant

•  Produce no harmful or dangerous by-products

Don't you want metal that's attractive and resists rust?

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