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The only contract cleaning experts you need

The professionals at American Finishing Specialists, Inc. have developed a unique system for parts cleaning and degreasing that are unsurpassed.


Our Bio-Clean process is an environmentally safe biological degreasing system for bath or spray that never needs dumping and produces a minute amount of non-hazardous waste. That's good for your parts and the environment.

Cleaning without chemical disposal

Our Bio-Clean cleaner removes oil from the parts and emulsifies it. Oil-eating microorganisms then consume and reduce the oil to carbon dioxide. With Bio-Clean's closed system, no hazardous chemical disposal is required.

Etching is not part of our vocabulary

You'll love the smooth finish of our special Bio-Clean process. The near-neutral pH and low temperature (105 to 125 degrees Fahrenheit) ensure that all materials are cleaned without any etching. You'll love the smooth finish.

The team at American Finishing Specialists, Inc. goes the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. We specialize in large or small runs and packaging products to suit your specifications.

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Bio-Clean features

•  Automated closed system

•  Accommodates spray or bath systems

•  Produces no hazardous residue

•  Cleans all materials

•  Consistent degreasing performance

Want a cleaning process that's good for your parts and the environment?

The parts cleaning and degreasing services you need

•  Aluminum, steel, and copper

•  Medical applications

•  Ultra clean applications

•  Circuit boards

•  Restaurant applications

•  And more

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